Doctor Who?

As my kids were watching the PBS series, “The Cat in the Hat Knows a lot About That” this morning, an epiphany burst into my brain like a speeding train! Yes, a speeding train. I said to myself, “That cat reminds me very much of The Doctor in the BBC series, ‘Doctor Who.'”

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It’s Christmastime a Little Early this Year

I can’t recall a time in years past that I ever desired so badly to begin the Christmas season well before Thanksgiving.

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Minion Pumpkins!

I would quite honestly pick the painting of the pumpkins over the carving of the pumpkins any day!

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Keep Your Glasses On, Son!

Something kind of huge happened at the school drop off this morning. Something that has never happened to me before and I’m left feeling on the edge about it.

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Maybe They’ll be Journalists

I can’t help entertaining the thought of them growing up and becoming strong Olympian gymnasts!

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Grown-Ups Don’t Play.

The ideas that youngsters have about how life goes is fascinating, and all too honest.

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“Oh! You like that? I like that, too! Let’s like it together!” -Wil Wheaton

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Function, not Fashion

My boot cut boy is turning skinny. But not for fashion.

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Pink! Ew.

Its not like pink is unnatural to me, but after nine-years of raising boys, well, we just don’t spend much time in the pink section of Target.

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One Step at a Time: Our Journey up the Manitou Incline

Warning!! This is an Extreme Hike!!

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