Mass Tooth Exodus

It took a surprisingly long time for Logan’s first tooth to make an exodus out of his mouth. And by long time, I mean, seven months. It was loose for that long. But then, about a month or so after the first one left, the second one followed.  And then, this past weekend, two more…

One on Saturday morning. I didn’t even know this one was loose! 

And this one on Sunday evening. I knew about this one, but not the other one!

So, this brings me to the question of the week. 

If the Tooth Fairy’s cover is revealed, does that make Santa Claus loose all credibility?

Read the question again if you like. I just did. I feel like this is a very valid question. And who is the keeper of the correct answer? Perhaps the man behind the curtain? 

As if the anxiety once a year of wringing my hands together, pacing the floor and keeping on guard while Santa completes his delivery isn’t enough. It was exciting the first time that the Tooth Fairy came. She’d been saving a $2 bill for seven months for the big night! 

But how common are $2 bills these days? 

I completely get the importance of maintaining Santa’s cover. That is such a huge part of the magic of Christmas and holding onto their innocence and youth. 

But does the Tooth Fairy hold that same status? I don’t think so. We don’t even know what she looks like! 

And, honestly, while we’re on the subject. I never had my children believe that a giant rabbit enters our house in the middle of the night and creeps around hiding eggs.

But is it all or nothing? I’m not aware that they miss an Easter Bunny, but they always just knew that the basket goodies were a treat from Chris and I and the bunny just a really fun Easter story. 

Coming back to the Tooth Fairy. I think I will come right out and say it. It’s too late. I think her cover needs to be kept safe, other wise our smart – brained boy will put two and two together and that could very well be the end of that.   Not to mention the innocence and wonder of his little brother, which is still at stake! 

I realize the problem is my problem and I will learn to cope with uncertainty of him waking up while the Tooth Fairy makes the trade. It’s not easy you know, he has this canopy situation over his bed that needs to be slid down ever so quietly and slowly in order to even reach under his pillow. Who came up with this anyhow? 

I’ve said too much already. He reads anything and everything and should his eyes ever find themselves fixed upon what I’ve just written…

This blog post will self-destruct in 10 seconds…

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