Me and My Job Interview

I have a job interview today, friends. I know! It’s crazy. It sorta came out of nowhere. Well, actually, that would be accurate.  The opportunity did come quickly out of nowhere, but gracefully delivered to me by my dear friend, Shannon.


You see, she is in her third year as lunch-room attendant at our kid’s school. There was evidently a position for a second one that came available this year and when the head-honchos asked her if there was anyone she knew who might like to apply for it, well, bless her heart, she thought of me!!

It was a week ago last Friday that she sent me a text message asking me if I might be interested and what was crazy was that one part of me began to shut it down on impact because I have a protector part that tries to pull that a lot. If we don’t know it, it must not be safe or good, and therefore … No. But then suddenly, another part of me was like, “Oh no you didn’t! You will like this and be good at it!” And, then I became very excited and couldn’t think about anything else all morning!

The job couldn’t be a better fit for me, either! Its just two hours over lunch everyday and would have me greet the children, help them if they need it, keep them on task, wish them a perfect rest of their day and wipe up after them! It’s highly acceptable pay and I would get to see my boys everyday and only work when school is in! I mean, if I ever thought about getting back into work, I couldn’t imagine a greater way to do it! I thanked my friend Shannon for presenting me with what seemed like a gift and called the lady in charge to set up the interview.

And, the thing is, is that they know me over there at the school. I mean, we’re not pals, I might not have entered into a comfort level yet of asking them for coffee or anything, but they’ve seen my face and gotten to know me as Logan’s (and more recently) Eli’s mom over the past four years.

I woke up this morning and felt a surge of excitement, but then a little nervous. I haven’t been interviewed for a job since Lisa Rossello conducted one with me for Starbucks almost 8 years ago! That one went well. A little too well. Haha, I don’t know what that means, this banter is nervous energy. I got the job then, so we know that it certainly did go well!

Moving on. I really, really want to be offered this job! The part of me that tried to decline the offer in the first place is like, “Girl! This is weird! You didn’t get your college degree in Lunch-Room Assistance!” Well, to that other part, I say, “Well! I didn’t get it either, in mothering two boys, crafting this sweet thing and that cute thing, spreading encouragement, extending compassion, loving being with the children…” 

College is fine and all. I did get my love of writing from it and I do put that to use, here, right now. But, at that time, how can anyone possibly know what might come along all those years later and spark a passion. Life changes. People change. I changed.

So, as I finish this up, I realize that I will be in the conference room at school exactly one hour from now, hoping to shine and become the best one for the job!