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Time to Let Go Entry 3

We had less than 10 appointments left when I had a sort of out-of-my-body, coming-to-Jesus moment while sitting in the radiation center waiting room.

Time to Let Go Entry 2

A note from me!! This is the second entry in a series of (probably) three in which I will share some stories …

Time to Let Go

When Chris asked me a few days ago if he could drive us to Target instead of me, because his vision has come back, an unexpected thing happened.

A Day-Off For My Unicorns

That was all before finding out that my upcoming days had big, fat question marks on them! Now it feels like fear is right before me chuckling and calling me, sucker!

What’s on your Pride Board?

I found inspiration from a post that came across my Instagram feed last week. It had to do with something called a Pride Board that a second-grade teacher uses to empower her students by posting upon it their everyday successes. No matter how big or not big.

Me and My Job Interview

I have a job interview today, friends. I know! It’s crazy. It sorta came out of nowhere. Well, actually, that would be …

Who’s Delusional and Paranoid?!

One of the things that I strive for very much in my parenting is nurturing and encouraging my boys’ self-expression and comfort in doing so. Often, their self-expression might be considered out-of-the-box, but mildly so, at this age. Sometimes the line between when I know its appropriate to encourage it or not, is gray.

Mom? What does the word, Gay, mean?

I was eating lunch with my boys yesterday when Logan hit me with a big one. I can never prepare myself for the topic bombs he drops and as he get older, and its happening with more and more frequency.

“Mom, what does the word, Gay, mean?”