The Wisdom Of Our Experience

When Chris and I were still kids (read: early twenties, dating, but on our own…) we took a trip up to Rocky Mountain National Park one spring day to hike around one of our favorite spots, Bear Lake. Although Spring, it was still very cold up in the mountains with many an icy patch on the lake and snow covering the dirt path. As kids, this weather offered no deterrent from us, in fact, we were so unconcerned that Chris took the liberty of beginning a tip-toe trek across the side of the lake over a frozen-over section. Now, Chris is a smart guy (was then too!), so it is hard for me to imagine that he left his brain in the car and thought he’d just do that for fun! It must have been that there was a blockage of the path due to snow – something like this!! Well, it wasn’t a successful trek, in fact, the ice broke and he fell in up to his knees in literally freezing waters! Scared, to say the least, he booked it out of the water, trying to keep balance and not fall in further. We were at the farthest point on the lakeshore away from the parking lot and needless to say, had to move as fast as we could all the way back around the lake to find the warmth of the car.

All this to say, as parents, its fun to reminisce memories of our past with our children. We especially felt fortunate to bring the kids up to Bear Lake yesterday for a beautiful summer-time hike. And, when we came upon the location of Chris’s incident, we didn’t hesitate to share the story in hopes that our boys might glean some common sense from the wisdom of our experience. We really amped up the story, indicating how dangerous it was and how far away from the car we happened to be, etc…Well, Logan’s response was anything but a response! He seemed to not care one bit and continued his way along the path hand in hand with his brother. Far be it for us to ever put a damper on their good day!


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