We Went to Voo Doo Doughnuts and Loved It!

I am starting to think that when the cupcake craze died, a new doughnut craze raised up from the ashes. I’ve become aware of some schmancy doughnut spots in my city and one, in particular, that is opening soon just a few miles from where I live…during bathing suit season, no less! But that’s not what this is about. This is about how I dragged my family to a magical place in the heart of Denver yesterday…well, maybe not the heart of it, its located on Colfax Ave…I’d say plenty of heart and yea, probably some magic, too.

I’d say the magic we found was for sure inside the majestic pink building, home of the famous Voodoo Doughnuts, that is nestled in the middle of a long strip mall with a marijuana dispensary on the corner (we’re legal now, of course!). I mean, let’s be honest, I live in a pop-up neighborhood in the  ‘burbs with all my safe-ness around me. I hardly ever have to leave this side of the city! I felt a little out of my zone and I’m sad about that reality, but keeping it real. 

Luckily we found an open parking space right in front. After we discovered there were seven minutes left on the meter, and a pocket full of no coins, we hustled inside in hopes of either coming back out fast or making change (this doughnut shop only accepts cash). As I opened the door, a slew of high school boys pushed out, single doughnuts in hand. They were all so polite, offering “excuse mes” and “sorrys.” We proceeded inside.

VooDoo Doughnuts

 From the line inside…Notice the street sign in the upper left? So funny.

Loud pop music hit my ears immediately as well as my family’s and we all started moving a little. We can’t help it. But honestly, it was a little overwhelming because it was obvious that we were the only newbies in the shop! The lines were moving fast and the people knew what they wanted. But not us. In fact, my small boy was so preoccupied by everything around him that he walked straight into a line-divider pole and fell on his face! He was fine and kind of giggled with embarrassment. 

wall mural

 Voodoo-ish wall mural?

I’m sure I didn’t help the situation any by my own distractions…I kept running around everywhere snapping pictures-totally in awe of this amazing shop that sells doughnuts! It’s the new great thing, I’m telling you what!

Tower of Pink Boxes

 A mountain of pink boxes!

Before we knew it, a man at the end of the counter was tooting a very loud train horn. The four of us were enchanted by it and began watching for what would happen next. I feel like the we might’ve looked like “Thermians,” you remember, the alien race from the movie “Galaxy Quest,” starring Tim Allen and Sigourney Weaver? I was reminded of the scene when they first arrive on Earth and stare at everything with big, curious eyes and a safe, sturdy standing position…

All of a sudden a guy behind us was all, “Yo! It’s your turn! He rang the bell. You can go!” I’m not even kidding. I told him quickly that we had never been there before and we didn’t know. He was nice.

We moved our hineys to the next open register.

Pie Case!

 A pie case?!? I looooove pie cases!

Maybe it has to do with all the diners I went to as a child with my grandparents in Indiana that I love pie cases the way I do. But, I have always felt, where there’s a pie case, there is love. No joke!

Well, friends, at Voodoo Doughnuts, they display their doughnuts in PIE CASES!  Oh my, it doesn’t get too much better than that, really.

Our'sOur chosen four…

The very nice man taking our order eased all of our overwhelmed-ness after we told him we were first-timers and he explained all their offerings. There is actually a name for each doughnut. Yea, that’s right! Not merely chocolate with sprinkles, friends. For example, the above is what we each picked. Starting with the top left and going clockwise: McMinnville Cream (Bavarian Creme, maple frosting, two eyes and a mustache); Neapolitan (chocolate cake doughnut with vanilla frosting, strawberry dust and three minimallows);  Grape Ape (Vanilla frosting with grape dust and lavender sprinkles; and , well, a Maple bar (raised yeast doughnut with maple frosting). That one must be the exception to the naming rule. 

The BoxAnd they came in this pretty box!

I feel like I could easily say they were the best doughnuts we’ve ever had during our stay so far on this planet. You might not believe me because everyone usually says that something is their favorite EVER after their first encounter and are usually start struck and want to shout it from the top of somewhere very high. However, I assure you…BEST DOUGHNUTS WE’VE EVER HAD DURING OUR STAY SO FAR ON THIS PLANET!! I’m sorry to shout, I just needed you to believe me! Do you?

VooDoo Doughnut Thor?

 Oh right, this distracted me plenty. Thor with a Voodoo doughnut. I’ve seen it all.

Doughnut Family

 Oh Pete, I feel terrible for hiding my sweet young boy’s smiling face with my hand in this shot! Bah! 

Doughnut Day

Quit taking pictures and lets go eat these doughnuts! 

But seriously, it was funny how it happened, the picture-taking, that is…There was a group of seniors-in-highschool-aged girls that were experiencing their first Voodoo-visit as well and they had been snapping pics and selfies all over the place, too. They walked out moments before we did and I realized they were our only hope of getting a family photo in front of the shop. So I quick told my family to hustle and I ran outside, shouting, “Girls! Girls! Excuse me, Girls!?” Oh, so funny. And you might imagine they were delightful and fun and girlie and shared my affinity for photo-documenting anything and everything. We made quite the scene on the sidewalk outside Voodoo Doughnuts Wednesday afternoon, holding up passers-by talking on their phones, carrying backpacks, chatting with friends, and one even pushing a grocery cart of personal belongings. 

What can I say about me? About us? Gosh, I don’t know. Maybe we all had an experience of personal growth that day…In more ways than one! Maybe that’s why my pants are a little tighter today!? Hahaha!

The END.

Now go get some doughnuts!

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