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It’s Not Over Yet

When my friend, Ann, invites me to a women’s event at her church, I know by now to clear my schedule and go. Ever since the Bible Study that I attended with her last spring, I’ve learned that she’s like a vessel and when God puts it on her heart to drag me along, it means there’s something epic He needs me to hear and experience. Last night was no exception…

Time to Let Go Entry 2

A note from me!! This is the second entry in a series of (probably) three in which I will share some stories …

Me and My Job Interview

I have a job interview today, friends. I know! It’s crazy. It sorta came out of nowhere. Well, actually, that would be …

No Vacancy

Call me what you will…brute, barbarian, not-a-bird-lover…. That’s fair.

Today, I Become an Actual Writer

Today was a long time coming. I finally sat down to compose a bunch of words that come from the thoughtful and emotional side of my brain that I one day soon would hope to turn into a book.

Mass Tooth Exodus

If the Tooth Fairy’s cover is revealed, does that make Santa Claus loose all credibility?

It is Well With My Soul

There’s a phrase that I learned from a song in church many years ago and it goes like this: It is well with my soul.

Accepting the Annoying

The people around me lately might not hesitate to tell you that they have heard me use “bane of my existence” more often than not.

A Word for the New Year

I was given the perfect gift of wisdom for entering the New Year two nights ago from one of my coffee clients at Starbucks. She’s 74.